15 May 2017


1. You help out at a music festival which is held in your town every year. This takes place outdoors over one weekend. The organisers want to improve the festival and so have asked you to write a short report.. You should comment on the site, the programme, the food and other facilities, the cost and anything else you consider relevant. (180 words)
2. Some American students are on an exchange programme with your college for a month. The college has asked you to write a report on entertainment in your area for the teacher who is in charge of the group. You should give advice on such things as types of entertainment, venues and prices. (180 words)
3. Your headteacher (or University Chancellor) has sent you a letter explaining that the government is awarding 50, 000 euro grants to organizations which are making big efforts to become greener. He asks you to tour the school (or university) to see what can be done to make the building more environmentally friendly. Then he wants you to write a report describing the current situation and making recommendations on how improvements can be made. (180 words)
4. You belong to a youth club which is subsidised by the village council. The youth club leader has asked you to write a report on the activities of the club to help the council decide whether or not they will increase the small grant they give every year. (180 words)

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