10 May 2017


Watch this video about smart houses. For statements 1 to 10 complete the gaps with the missing information. Number 0 has been completed as an example. You do not need to use more than five words.

0. The technology displayed in the house will be available in ____5 years___.
1. The kitchen is often considered to be _________________.
2. It is designed to have all the __________ and ____________ in a modern kitchen.
3. Apart from a built-in LED TV and a music player, you can have _____ you need for cooking.
4. If you fancy a romantic evening, you just have to ______________ on the smart board.
5. If you run out of wine, you can add it to your ______________ list on the smart board.
6. The smart board helps you with your everyday ______________.
7. In order to pay your bills, the smart board will _______________ your fingerprints.
8. You can warm your towel in a modern _________________.
9. The electrical appliances are controlled by ________________
10.  The house of the future is equipped with the most hi-tech and coolest __________.
1.The heart of the house
2. Comfort/functionality
3. Every piece of equipment
4. Press the touch screen
5. Grocery
6. chores
7. screen
8. Towel heater
9.  automation/an easy to use system
10. gadgets

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