28 May 2017

Security Researcher And Microsoft Worked To Stop Spread Of Cyberattack

  • In what ways was this attack an international issue?
  • Why were computers in Russia especially vulnerable?
  • Why were the reporters discussing the age of the person who created the kill switch?
  • What was learned from this cyberattack?

18 May 2017


I have received an email from a student at the Universidad Europea de Valencia. He is carrying out a study to analyze both student's and teacher's preferences and beliefs regarding error correction in oral interaction. The study will also analyze the connections between error correction and foreign language speaking anxiety.  
Click on the link and do the survey:

17 May 2017



CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travellers and the local communities they visit. Watch the video and decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. 


1.- Couch Surfing has been invented recently. 

 2.- The collapse of the airlines hasn’t affected the cost of the holidays.

 3.- Couch Surfing is similar to Facebook. 

 4.- The first thing you have to do is make a request to stay at some else’s house. 

 5.- This year, the number of people couchsurfing has gone down.

 6.- Brian, from California, is travelling around the world.

 7.- A friend from California told Brian about Couch Surfing.

 8.- The only advantage of Couch Surfing is that you save some money.

 9.- After Brian’s positive reference, our reporter found a host in Tokyo for 1 night.

 10.- In Tokyo, he slept on a traditional straw mat and Shitaro showed him around.


1. The Mesoamerican barrier reef stretches from Cancun to __________.
2. The barrier reef faces different threats, for example _______ and ______.
3. Jason Decaires Taylor is trying to help to protect the reefs through ______.
4. His project involves sinking _____________.
5. Taylor wants to attract tourists to these artificial reefs and keep them away from__________.
6. The fish can use the sculptures to _____________from predators.
7. This museum is atracting a growing number of ___________________.
8. The museum will add sculptures as long as ____________________.



Watch the video and find out how global warming and deforestation are melting the vast snow fields of Mount Kilimanjaro. Complete the following statements:
1-Mount Kilimanjaro is also known as __________________.
2-It is located in ____________________.
3-People travel there to ____________and______________.
4-Ernest Hemingway described the ice fields as________________.
5-The glaciers are a vital source of ___________ and __________ water.
6-Since 1912, the glaciers ________________ by more than 80%.
7-The NASA satellite has been taking pictures for _____________.
8-As the Kilimanjaro is located in the tropical area, glaciers _____.
9-Deforestation means that trees _________ in large quantities.
10-Some consequences of the loss of the glaciers include: __________ and__________.

1-the roof of Africa
2-North Eastern Tanzania
3-climb the mountain_and view the gracier-covered peak
4-wide as the world, great high and unbelievably white in the sun
5-drinking_ and _farming
6-have shrunk
7-more than a decade
8-are especially vulnerable to climate changes
9-are cut down
10-lack of water resources in the area,  a decrease in the amount of tourism

15 May 2017


1. You help out at a music festival which is held in your town every year. This takes place outdoors over one weekend. The organisers want to improve the festival and so have asked you to write a short report.. You should comment on the site, the programme, the food and other facilities, the cost and anything else you consider relevant. (180 words)
2. Some American students are on an exchange programme with your college for a month. The college has asked you to write a report on entertainment in your area for the teacher who is in charge of the group. You should give advice on such things as types of entertainment, venues and prices. (180 words)
3. Your headteacher (or University Chancellor) has sent you a letter explaining that the government is awarding 50, 000 euro grants to organizations which are making big efforts to become greener. He asks you to tour the school (or university) to see what can be done to make the building more environmentally friendly. Then he wants you to write a report describing the current situation and making recommendations on how improvements can be made. (180 words)
4. You belong to a youth club which is subsidised by the village council. The youth club leader has asked you to write a report on the activities of the club to help the council decide whether or not they will increase the small grant they give every year. (180 words)

10 May 2017


Watch this video about smart houses. For statements 1 to 10 complete the gaps with the missing information. Number 0 has been completed as an example. You do not need to use more than five words.

0. The technology displayed in the house will be available in ____5 years___.
1. The kitchen is often considered to be _________________.
2. It is designed to have all the __________ and ____________ in a modern kitchen.
3. Apart from a built-in LED TV and a music player, you can have _____ you need for cooking.
4. If you fancy a romantic evening, you just have to ______________ on the smart board.
5. If you run out of wine, you can add it to your ______________ list on the smart board.
6. The smart board helps you with your everyday ______________.
7. In order to pay your bills, the smart board will _______________ your fingerprints.
8. You can warm your towel in a modern _________________.
9. The electrical appliances are controlled by ________________
10.  The house of the future is equipped with the most hi-tech and coolest __________.
1.The heart of the house
2. Comfort/functionality
3. Every piece of equipment
4. Press the touch screen
5. Grocery
6. chores
7. screen
8. Towel heater
9.  automation/an easy to use system
10. gadgets