24 January 2016

Why run for president?

The next U.S. President will be elected in November, 2016. But the race is already packed with candidates. There are more than two dozen major candidates who are seeking the job as president. Running for president is difficult and exhausting, so why would so many people want to run? There are many reasons, both legitimate and delusional. Without an incumbent president, a lot of people think they have a chance to win this election. Some candidates hope to bring attention to their message and some to cash in on their new celebrity. Listen to hear about this race and the reasons so many people are running for President this year.
Listening Comprehension Questions: 

  •  How many people are running for President?
  •  What are the reasons this Presidential race has so many candidates? 
  •  What do candidates hope to gain by running? 
  •  How are candidates able to push an agenda?

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