14 January 2016


These are some more examples of six-word stories:
Chainsmoking Scot, made living from death
Andrew McKie, Telegraph obituaries editor
Five novels; two kids; insufficient sex
Louise Doughty, novelist
Everyone who loved me is dead
Ellen Fanning
Fifteen years since last professional haircut
Dave Eggers, novelist
I like big butts; can't lie
Dave Russ
They attacked, we survived; let's eat
Charles Hollander
Can that really be the time?
Alex Clark, deputy editor, Granta
We're bound to meet again soon
Christopher Howse, Sacred Mysteries columnist
Bad brakes discovered at high speed
Johan Baumeister
Foetus, son, brother, husband, father, vegetable
Dick Hadfield
Liars! Hysterectomy didn't improve sex life
Joan Rivers, comedienne
I am trying, in every regard
Lionel Shriver, novelist
Fancied self as haiku. Was clerihew
Sam Leith, Telegraph literary editor
Still breathing, too early to tell
Simon Heffer, Telegraph columnist
Bad reputation, such a good girl
Erin Oldroyd
I still make coffee for two
Zak Nelson
Fourteen years old; story still untold
David Gidwani
Wasn't born a redhead; fixed that
Andie Grace
Kissed the boys, made them cry
Bryony Gordon, Telegraph columnist
Scored way too many own goals
Jim White, Telegraph writer

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