12 November 2016


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New Zealand’s geography and culture have helped the locals develop a language all their own. Native Helen Cordery helps us tell ourjandals from our gumboots with no worries.
Text by: Helen Cordery
Country: New Zealand
ew Zealand, despite its relatively young history, small population, and variety of influences, has a strong sense of identity and what it means to grow upKiwi’.
Straight off the bat we are born into a world where the sayings “no worries” and “she’ll be right” indicate an easy-going attitude that can be seen almost everywhere, from mothers giving birth then buying the weekly groceries just hours after, to children being sent to school barefoot and playing rugby in stubbies (short shorts) during winter. Here you are not bundled up and protected from the environment, but rather, you adapt to the land.
What do you call a man with no shin? Toe-Knee.
We kiwis pride ourselves on our relationship with nature, and perhaps this is one of the reasons why ‘Jaffas” (Aucklanders) are viewed with such derision away from the big smoke (city). Even the biggest cities, however, provide ample spaces to connect with nature.   READ MORE...

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