9 March 2016


We have all heard of the midlife crisis -those feelings of worry, doubt or dissatisfaction that some people experience when they reach middle age and reflect on what they have, or have not, achieved in their lives. But for some time now, people have also been talking about the quarterlife crisis, which affects many young people between the ages of 18 and 35.

Listen to five people talking about que quarterlife crisis and match the statements a-h to the speakers 1-5. Three of the statements are not required.

a-I share my problems online with people in a similar situation.
b-Many twentysomethings are envious of their friends.
c-Young people are too demanding.
d-My expectations have not been met.
e-The problems are not specific to twentysomethings.
f-Life used to be easier.
g-Teenagers have and easier life than twentysomethings.
h-Having a range of options makes life interesting.

a-speaker 5
c-speaker 3
d-speaker 2
f-speaker 4
h-speaker 1

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