14 May 2014


Dear Kayla,
Thank you for being an excellent conversation assistant! We know teachers like you are not easy to find. We appreciate your time, your patience and your smile. Good luck!
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  1. Hi Kayla,
    Thanks for such amusing classes. I’m glad to meet you and have learnt so many American customs.
    Kind regards,
    Marta de la Fuente

  2. Thank you very much Kayla! Your classes have opened up the world to me (now I know a lot of things about South Dakota) . You are such a fantastic conversation teacher!
    Don't lose your smile!

  3. Kayla,

    Thank you for being with us this year. It has been a great pleasure attend your lessons. I must thank you your patient and your encouragement to make us participate in class, although sometimes we haven't been able to understand the american sense of humour. I have learnt many things about your culture that I didn't know, and which are very interesting. I hope to visit your country some day, and South Dakota, why not!

    Good luck and see you!

    Carmen Gómez

  4. Kayla,
    Thank you very much for enriching our classes with interesting and fun topics.
    I will miss your good mood, sense of humour, always smiling and making the class enjoyable and fun.
    Good luck and I hope to see you again.
    Best regards,
    Sergio Herrera

  5. Thank you Kayla for showing us your culture and experiences! For example, I´ll never forget the differences between Britain english and American english!

    Best wishes,

    Lorena Pacheco.

  6. Hi Keyla!
    Your lessons have been really interesting and I hope you have enjoyed this year as much as I have.
    However, I have to admit that I haven't seen "Dances with Wolves" yet but I promise I will.
    Best wishes!

  7. Hi Kayla!
    We all have learnt a lot of things with you this year,so thank you for your patience and your interesting lessons
    I'm so pleased to have met you
    Thank you for all!

  8. The Sun always shines on good people.
    All the best for you.
    Ana Madariaga

  9. Hi Kayla!
    This year I have learnt a lot of things with you, like where is South Dakota!!! (Now, I can find it in a map!). Until this year, I didn't know Mount Rushmore was in your state!!! So, thanks a lot, for your interesting lessons and for your funny comments!
    See you in the States!

  10. Thanks for teaching us not only English but also the culture and customs of your country. For me your classes have been really funny and interesting.
    I'm glad to meet you.
    Best wishes,

    Begoña Copete

  11. Hi, Kayla.
    It is always a great pleasure to meet people like you. Thanks for being so enthusiastic, accessible and smiling in your classes.
    I wish all the best!

  12. Hi Kayla
    Thank you so much for your classes and for teaching us interesting things related to your country as well as your permanent good mood.
    Best wishes
    p.s Hemos salido muy guapetes en las fotos je je

  13. Hi Kayla
    You have been a good stimulus for us. Your conversation classes taught us the culture and point of view of that strangers americans ;-). We know now about binge drinking, gun control, american slang, South Dakota, etc.

    Good luck in your new stage, and never lose your smile and humour.

    All the best!

  14. Hi Kayla,

    It's a pleasure to meet people like you enthusiastic, funny and always ready to help us . I wish the best


  15. Hi Kayla
    I appreciate your help your time your patience and your good humor....so the least I can say is "thank you teacher"


  16. Hi Kayla! thanks for teaching us a lot of things! I always enjoyed with your classes.

    My best wishes for you!

    Verónica del Río

  17. Key...because you have brought your knowledge and experiences to us.
    Adventurous...crossing the ocean!
    Yellow...because of the bright of your shine.
    Lively, sooooo energetic,active...sparkly!!!
    American...you have given us a new point of view about USA and I love it!

    Thank you!!! Best wishes and good luch Kayla!!!

    Beatriz Olivera Bertol

  18. Dear Kayla;
    It´s a pleasure have been your pupil for 2 years at EOI.. I hope your idea about Spain and Spanish is a Little different!!!.Thanks for your lectures about USA and Americans. Don´t forget your happy smile!!.All the best to you wherever you stay.
    A huge hug.
    Norma Braun.

  19. Hi Kayla,
    You are for me the best example of how a teacher should be!!! What with others is boring with you is always a lot of fun!!! I will never forget a class about Spanish things that were for you a bit "strange", I remember you laughed a lot!! We will miss you very much!!
    lots of luck in Asia or wherever you go ....
    Pilar!!!! :D