9 July 2017


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  1. The city of Santander is a small city in the north of Spain.

    First of all bear in mind that it is better to go on foot so you should take confortable and light shoes. You can follow an itinerary or just wander through the city.

    I´d definitely recommend you to go the lighthouse which is awesome. If I were you I´d go at sunset. Once there you will be able to admire the marvellous cliffs.

    After that you should walk along the Sardinero way where yo can feel the see breeze.

    It is well worth going to Cabarceno Natural Park. It is located close to santander. Not only is it a wild life park but it i also an unique place, full of animals living in conditions near freedom. It is aamusing. Make sure you check de whethear forecast before you go. Having a rainy day could ruin your visit.

    Finally you must not miss the Magdalena peninsula. It is a really good idea to visit. it is aw-inspiring.