17 May 2017


Watch the video and find out how global warming and deforestation are melting the vast snow fields of Mount Kilimanjaro. Complete the following statements:
1-Mount Kilimanjaro is also known as __________________.
2-It is located in ____________________.
3-People travel there to ____________and______________.
4-Ernest Hemingway described the ice fields as________________.
5-The glaciers are a vital source of ___________ and __________ water.
6-Since 1912, the glaciers ________________ by more than 80%.
7-The NASA satellite has been taking pictures for _____________.
8-As the Kilimanjaro is located in the tropical area, glaciers _____.
9-Deforestation means that trees _________ in large quantities.
10-Some consequences of the loss of the glaciers include: __________ and__________.

1-the roof of Africa
2-North Eastern Tanzania
3-climb the mountain_and view the gracier-covered peak
4-wide as the world, great high and unbelievably white in the sun
5-drinking_ and _farming
6-have shrunk
7-more than a decade
8-are especially vulnerable to climate changes
9-are cut down
10-lack of water resources in the area,  a decrease in the amount of tourism

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