27 March 2017


As the job market becomes redundant with candidates, companies are finding it difficult to hire the right employee for the right job. With the vast interview advice and CV resources available online, job seekers are able to design a very attractive CV and prepare & rehearse answers to questions in the interview. With the growing cost of a poor hire, it is imperative to select a candidate that will prove to be beneficial in the long term. The Dutch brewing company Heineken took interviewing candidates to the next level in order to hire the right employee.
On May 25th, 2013, Heineken needed to hire an intern for its Event & Sponsorship Marketing team to prepare for the Champions League final. Heineken received a staggering 1,734 applications for this position. They faced the question how to choose a right talent amongst 1,734 candidates, who not only have good knowledge but also suitable behaviour, thinking style and interests to do the job. Finally Heineken decided not to follow a very strict hiring policy and selected the man who could handle such a responsibility and to take an unconventional route.   READ MORE

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