27 March 2017


How polite are you?
In what situations are you polite?
Can you think about a situation in which you have been rude or 'not so polite'?
Can you think about a situation when someone has been rude to you?
How important is it to be polite and have good manners?

Do people in Spain generally queue up and respect the line?
How would you define good table manners?
When might a child be told to be on his/her best behaviour?
What is the cause of the aggressive behaviour of football hooligans?
Can you name a public figure whose remarks often cause offence?
Do you dislike it when other people use rude language?

Discuss the following topics in the light of rudeness/good manners:
  • drivers
  • rudeness to certain type of employee
  • the effects of city life
  • saying 'please' and 'thank you'
  • the right and wrong way to greet people
  • mobile phone abuse
  • kissing and cuddling in public
To gain further insight into the topic, you can watch this NBCNews video clip where we are given some tips on how to deal with rude people.

HT http://mythatsenglish.blogspot.com.es

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