6 February 2017


Do you have a good memory or have you got a memory like a sieve?
What methods do you use to help you remember things? Choose from the list below:
lists - repeating information to yourself - 
mobile phone reminders - making up a story - 
associating words with pictures - 
putting up reminder notices
When you forget something, what are useful ways to jog your memory? 
Have you ever had an embarrasing experience because your mind went blank?
What can a person do to improve their memory?
How has your memory changed compared to 10 or 15 years ago?
What is old people's memory like? 
What kind of music, smells or tastes brings back memories for you?
What is your earliest memory?
Have you ever been a witness to a crime or a serious incident? If so, was it difficult to remember all the details?
Which of these things help you best to recall past events? How and why?
music - smells - photographs - objects - 
tastes - talking to family and friends

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