20 December 2016


Write a story (200 words approx.) following the guidelines on page 35 of your student's book,. Choose one of the following titles. Write your story in the comments section below.

  • The luckiest day of my life
  • A day when everything went wrong
  • The most frightening day of my life
  • A day I'll never forget


  1. If I had read the following story in a magazine or on the internet I have thought "too much imagination", but no, everything I'm going to tell you is true.
    It happened last July. The weather forecast was wonderful and it was my day off. Great! I was planning the weekend when my best frien called me. She and her husband had to go to a weddin in Madrid but her mother was ill so I offered to take care of her daughter. To tell de truth I'd never liked children but I did a favour to my friend.
    On Friday evening, her daughter, Mary, came home to sleep. While I was cooking she was watching Peppa Pig on TV and after dinner we went to be. So far everything is OK. Unfortunalety I woke up al 3:30 am because the bed was wet although her diaper was dry. I didn´t know how to put it¡ Anyway, I couldn't get back to sleep again.
    The next morning, I was doind my daily routine. However, while I was having a shower I realized that Mary had brushed her teeth. I coudn't believe it¡ Se was drinking water from the toilet and she was brusking her teeth with the toilet brush instead of the tootbrush. Due to that, Se got diarrhoea an I had to change the diaper 20 times¡
    After that, we went to the beach because my sister in law was on holiday and I had to take her dog for a walk. At that moment another nightmare started. "Boby" (the dog's name) spent all the time making holes in the sand, throwing sand on the people who were sunbathing and the worst¡ He peed on the clothes and shoes of a couple. It was a mess¡ I wasn't able to control both, Mary and Boby, at the same time.
    Consequently I decided to take the dog back home.
    Finally, in the afternoon, we went to a mass for the death of a colleague's father. When he mass finished Mary told me "Could we go to buy candy?" and she showed me coins that se had "stolen". Someone tapped me on my shoulder. It was the priest and he told me off. I'd never felt so embarrased¡
    Immediately we went home. It was the only place where I could feel completely safe from complaints.


    Today, I’m going to tell to you about the luckiest day of my life. This is going to be an amazing and incredible true story that happened several years ago.

    By then, I was only twenty two years old and I’d just finished my degree in physics, this degree took me around five years of hard work, so I was extremely happy. A few days later I started to try to find a job, I thought this task was going to be easier than I expected but it wasn’t. To find a job was a very difficult task due to my lack of experience I had, but I didn’t give up and spent a lot of days sending CVs to a lot of companies by email, anyway…

    I was reading a newspaper called “El Gallo” when suddenly I saw an advertisement about a job opportunity that suited exactly my skills, but they asked for one certificate that I didn’t have, so I went to my university straightaway and I asked the person in charge of this issue for one, but he told me I had to pay 20 euros for it. I couldn’t believe it, I had to pay 20 euros for only a piece of paper. I had a big row with him because I thought it wasn’t fair to pay such amount of money for a piece of paper, but I needed that job, so eventually I gave up and I paid for that.

    I was so furious that I decided to go home by bus instead of by car, so I went to the bus stop and I waited for the bus. I can still remember that it was a very windy day. When the bus arrived I got on and I met a friend of mine, so I told him everything and I calmed down a little bit. When I got to my stop I got off the bus and suddenly I stepped on a note of 20 euros, I couldn’t believe it, I’d just recovered my money.


    Several years ago, I used to spend almost the whole summer in the beach with my friends. Some of them enjoyed bodyboarding, I was in love with a guy who did it. A friend had given me away an old board. So I stared to practice as well. I used to enjoy it before that frightening day.
    It all happened when I felt brave enough to go farther from the sea shore. Actually, I do not remember every single detail. Perhaps, I was trying to impress the guy I was crazy for, or maybe I just was not be aware of the real risk I was taking. For some reason, I ended up fearfully far into sea. It was so quick that I did not notice that the stream was dragging me until I saw the beach worryingly far away. As a result, I had to be rescued by de lifeguards with the rescue boat. At least I was not the only one, we were three people rescued for the same reason that day.

    It was truly shocking, I actually would not have reached ground without help. That day I felt that my life was in real danger. Moreover, I felt as a fool. For that reason, I have never done bodyboarding again.


    This is a real story that happened to me a few years ago when I was studying at the University. I specially remember that day because I had my first final exam and I was panicky.

    All happened one morning at the end of January. I used to wake up at 7:30 AM but that day my alarmclock had broken down so I woke up half an hour later. When I left to take the train I realised that it was hailstorming and I hadn't taken my umbrella. As it was very late I decided not to return and ran.

    I arrived at the train stationand due to the hailstorm the train was deleyed. I took the train, but in Santander the bus had already set off.

    In summary, I arrived at my exam soaking wet one hour later. I went to talk to my teacher very nervous and embarrased and he didn't let me do the first part of the exam.

    Eventually, the second part of the exam was so good that my teacher called me to do the rest of the exam another day. He was very kind and sympathetic with me and the weather conditions of that stressful morning.

    If I had left, I wouldn't have passed my exam.