5 December 2016


Are you good at persuading people?
How easy is it to persuade you to do things?
Do you ever change your mind once you have decided (not) to do something?
Talk about a time when you managed/didn't manage to persuade someone to do something.

What do you think are common influences which persuade people to do things? Choose your top three from this list.
-the media 
-friends / peer pressure 
-feeling guilty about something
-feeling sorry for someone 
-passion and conviction 
-convincing arguments

Which of the following do you have strong opinions about? Which do you have more of an open mind about?
-clothes and what to wear 
-ecological and green issues 
-gun control
-food and diet 
-gender roles
-the healthcare system 

How strongly do you think you are influenced by advertising? 
Can you think of powerful or effective ads?
Have you ever bought an item because you had seen an ad?
What campaigns do you remember where the government is/was trying to persuade citizens (not) to do something?
How effective are/were the campaigns?
What effect do sales people and shop assistants have on you when you want to buy something?

Thanks to mythatsenglish.blogspot.com 

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