19 December 2016


Which of these people is the most heroic? Say why.
1 A climber who reaches the top of Mt Everest without oxygen.
2 A nurse who has never had a day off sick in 25 years.
3 A businessperson who has created thousands of jobs.

Can you think of a self-made man or woman you feel admiration for?
Who would you say are some of your heroes or heroines? Why do you admire them?
What is the difference between a celebrity and an icon?
Which modern icons do you admire?
Can you think of an unsung hero you know? What are they like?
Can you think of a hero you used to admire but who had feet of clay?
What fallen idols can you think of? What happened to them?
What folk heroes are there in your country? 
Who are some of your country’s national heroines? 
Do you think their heroic status is justified?

Have you ever had a moment of glory?

What characteristics do you think a modern-day hero should have? Choose from the list below or add your own ideas.
have a sense of humour
avoid conflict 
be open to bribery
be compassionate 
give up easily 
be resilient
be courageous 
be truthful 
show humility

Jessica Watson, a 16-year-old Australian teen, crossed the finish line of a round-the-world journey in her pink yacht after seven months at sea. She has become the youngest sailor to circle the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted. Thousands of spectators erupted into cheers as Jessica sailed into Sydney Harbour, the finale to an epic adventure in which she battled 12-metre waves, homesickness and critics who said she'd never make it home alive. "She said she'd sail around the world, and she has," a tearful Julie Watson said as she watched her grinning daughter cruise past the finish line from a nearby boat. "She's home." Jessica waved as she sailed past the finish line at the entrance to Sydney Harbour in Sydney, Australia. She gasped, laughed and waved her arms frantically as she caught sight of her parents when they pulled alongside her 10-metre yacht, Ella's Pink Lady. The teen was set to touch land for the first time in 210 days by docking at the city's iconic Opera House, where she was to be greeted by throngs of fans, the Prime Minister and her family.
Thanks to mythatsenglish.blogspot.com 

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