14 November 2016


How to be happy? That's the greatest question of all, in the sense that it is what motivates what we do on a daily basis. All the choices we make stem from a consideration, often unconscious, between which choices would make us probably the most happy.


Do you have any tips for being happy?
Leave your tip as a comment (80 words). Thanks. 


  1. GIVE HUGS.- Giving a hug helps to feel fine. It’s been shown that when you hug, your body frees a sustance called oxytocin known as the hormone of the well-being which create a sensation of hapiness. Giving a hug is a way of showing affection. Physical contact with other people can help to reduce stress and to be self-confident and it increases the hapiness. Scientific researches support the theory that stimulation by physical contac is absolutely necessary to our physical and emotional well-being.

  2. Carmen, group 17,7M28 November 2012 at 00:17

    WORRY!!!! BUT BE HAPPY!.- Happiness is an attitude. Unfortunately we are living bad times but there are few things in life that we can´t solve. So, if you can do something to change them, do it with a smile! If you cannot do anything, you shouldn´t be unhappy... Surely you can do another different thing. It´s well known that people who laugh or walk over the world with a smile and a kind word for other people, live more or, at least, live better. So, just be happy!

  3. Live life for the moment. Like Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world".

  4. Cristina. Group 17-7M29 November 2012 at 10:37

    There is not a universal formula to be happy, as things that make happy some people, don´t make happy other poeople. All of us need to have goals to try to achieve during our lives. Goals that will make us feel happy because they are important for each one of us. But we need to know that although not all of them will be achieved, we can´t give up and feel frustrated. We just have to continue trying them and of course, enjoy the way!

  5. HEALTHY LIFE.-Socialization(sense of belonging), positive attitude in life, inner peace(self-acceptance), giving against acquiring(spiritual versus material), living the moment…
    All these skills are key aspects to be happy. They can be achieved by training but there is also a genetic component that predisposes us to them. Both, personality and developing these skills will determine the difference between the happy and unhappy ones.
    And, above all, we mustn’t forget health. We can hardly be happy being ill.

  6. Don´t be a life viewer but an actor which is part of the life and live each moment as if it were the last. Split your time equally between all your obligations without givinh more importance to some than others and get interested periodically by those who want and let them know what you care about and that it may never know. Do it all always smiling as this radiate positive energy, people who are close to you and it will come back.

  7. ENJOY EACH MOMENT: Sometimes, we don't realize, them though, there are a lot of small moments in life which we enjoy and make us happier. However, we get dark personal experiences as well. We can't worry about those bad points all the time, so we've to enjoy each special moment as if it were the only one because they are the 'cure' when we are down. And remember¡¡ TIME WAITS FOR NEITHER ANYBODY NOR ANYTHING, so 'Dance as if nobody were looking at you¡¡¡

  8. Lucía (Group 11)29 November 2012 at 18:09

    Things don't always happen the way we want it, but to be sad or angry doesn't help. Try to enjoy the little things of the life, or think about the things that you have.
    For me the best solution for a bad day is to meet with a good friend and drink a good beer, problems disappear.

  9. SMILE:
    Try it and smile at people. With a smile you can change many negatives.
    It seems we are always angry, we have our head crouched and we are absorbed in our problems. If we change and we try to smile at the person in front of you the miracle and more things start going better. As always, it's an attitude problem. When you smile, people are more kind to you and if you smile your problems for a while you will forget the problems.

  10. In my opinion the best way to be happier is to be gennerous . If you are always thinking about other people needs, you won't have time to think about your own problems and needs. If you are capable to learn to do this , you will raise your own happiness further than other people working on their own things , That's why generally speaking,psychologist said that married people usually are happier than single people, they are used to share their time, their things, and their whole life with other family members, whereas single people usually don't have to share anything . So if you want to raise this goal try to be more generous again and again, and never forget that happiness is to share,

  11. My tips for being happy are to enjoy with simple things:family,friends,a good film,an interesting book,music,an unexpected trip,etc.
    I think it's important don't regret the things you haven't reach or life is not what you expected.Never is too late.
    It doesn't matter what you do because life always surprises you. And sometimes even for something good.

  12. Like Snoop Dogg said: "smoke weed everyday".

    A reasonable use of natural drugs will open at you a world of happiness without any worries. It's quite better than start to take pharmaceutical drugs. So if you can't handle the shit anymore... just take a break with a little help.

  13. I had no idea what to do for being happy, so I ran to my computer, typed a few words, and inmediately I found all the answers. A lot of websites such as "tips from the last 2500 years...", positiveblog...oprah...successconsciousness... lifeoptimizer...howtofindhappiness...came up. Nevertheless, I didn't feel satisfied enough, so I turned to another website called Quotes about happiness and chose these two sentences for you: " For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness" and "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"

  14. Soraya Fernández Ortega13 January 2013 at 16:16

    As someone said: “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of travelling”.

    In my opinion happiness is determinate more by our minds than by our circumstances. What is more, happiness should be a priority for all of us. There are some tips that I try to follow for being as happy as I can be:

    Learn to like and to love yourself. You must love yourself before you can be loved. To love others and to be loved by others is a key component of happiness.
    Do things that make you happy and do them as often as possible.
    Play and have fun. Don´t take life too seriously.
    Be curious and constantly search for new ways to be happy.
    Be grateful and appreciate what you have.
    Make plans to be happy.
    Invest time and energy in to your relationships. Is very important to socialize and interact with others as much as you can. Always try to improve the quality of your relationships.
    Weed out unhelpful thoughts. Train your mind in a daily practice to challenge negative and unhelpful thoughts.
    Try to have more positive and optimistic thoughts.
    Manage your time and priorities. Try to get the control of your live.
    Live a healthy life. Eat well and keep active. Do exercise regularly and sleep and rest properly. Practice relaxation and meditation strategies.
    Laugh everyday. Laugh at yourself and laugh with your friends, family and co-workers.
    Get 10 minutes of sun a day (It is no always possible especially in the north…).
    Finally, and the most important… Live in the present moment because it is the only moment over which we have control.

  15. Nowadays some people have many reasons to be unhappy but other choose to be.
    All they have to do is change their minds and learn some new habits. Probably, their lives change forever.
    For example:
    - Enjoy the moment. Happiness is not produced by great things happening, but by recognising all the little positive things that happens every day.
    - Conserve your close relationships.
    - Take control of your time.
    - Take regular exercise.
    - Get out. Spend a few hours a week in the countryside and breathe the fresh air.
    And remember; a smiling face and positive attitude will get more smiles from others.

  16. My motto is simply "SMILE".
    Nowadays we are facing a difficult situation because of the economic crisis and there are a lot of external factors , we can´t control,which don´t let us be happier.
    So i think we should focus in little things we can change and control. And the best way to begin a new day is ,waking up with a smile in our faces. Maybe ,most of us don´t have that custom but we should make an effort to do it, because a smile is a positive signal we can express and receive at the same time , becoming in a positive feedback in all people.
    That little thing means that we can face the problems with another point of view , we can bear them better than thinking about the cruel reality of them

  17. We should start by looking for some free time and spend it talking to our friends or family about our joys, worries and share all what we can with them. It's great to have a shoulder to lean on.

    Try to do those things you've always wanted to do but never tried before, although they are small things, probably you will feel really satisfied.

    Be consecuence with your facts and don't try to change the past or think about what could have happened if I.... Live the present and enjoy it as much as possible.

    And in my opinion, a very important thing is to be optimistic and look on the right side of things.

  18. One of the secrets of the happiness consist in enjoy of little things on the basis daily. Not just material things, any experience can have his bright side though we haven't forget our dreams and wishes because they're the engine of our lifes.Many things you build in your mind can become reality.

  19. I'd start asking what's the happiness for us. For every person it could be different, to be rich, have a good car, be good looking, have a lot of friends, be respected, etc.
    The happiness is a state where we are satisfied with our existence, so there is not a secret formulae. Everybody should look for their own way to find it, and the way does not have to be the same as the others ... or it does?

  20. R.García m-j 17-1927 November 2015 at 17:19

    Which is happiness? I think it is really difficult to know what does this word mean. For me it is a mixed of things. First of all, living each moment as if it was the last one. Don´t worry about people's opinions and enjoy simple things. Pursue your goals until your dreams come true. Being in peace with yourself will also helps you to reach your own happiness.

  21. From my point of view, one of the more important things that you have to take into account to be happy is being yourself. Nowadays, people in general is influenced by ideal behaviors patterns, in which, it seems everybody should be follow a rules, such as, have a job, a lot friends, be charitable, be always with smile and so on, to reach the happiness.

    I think that people have to choose what type of things make them happy and after that, they have to take their own decisions. Sometimes will be succesfull, sometimes will be wrong, but I'm totally sure, that the more satisfied you are with your way of life the happier you are. Nothing can be more rewarding and make a person proud that achieve its goals being yourself.

  22. Think about all the good things in your life. When something bad happens to you, stop and think about all the good things around you. This thought can make you feel better.

  23. Here are some tips which I think that can help to be happy:
    -Set goals that you can achieve.
    -Don’t overthink and overanalyze things.
    -Don’t compare yourself to others, there will always be people who are happier than you, and people who are sadder, so try to focus on yourself.
    -Take care of yourself and help others.
    -Don’t depend on others for your happiness.
    -Rely on yourself.

  24. Sometimes it's too difficult to find the truly happiness because you are always surrounded by artificial things which mask the real important events in your life. Obviously, anyone would be pleased if someone give them an iPhone or any other expensive stuff. However, I realized some time ago that I'm only happy when the people who surround me and are important to me are happy too. So, despite the fact that sometimes I have to do things which disgusted me, I eventually do them if they make feel better my life's crew (the people I consider important in my life).