24 October 2016


What is happiness for you?
Is happiness a goal for you?
What makes you feel happy?
Are you happy most of the time?
What makes you unhappy?
When was the happiest time of your childhood? And of your life?
Can you be happy if you are rich/poor?
Do you agree that older people are less happy?
Are the people in your country generally very happy?
Do you think some nations are happier than others?

Interaction : How important are these factors to achieve happiness? Discuss them and choose the three most important ones for you. Then try to agree with your partner(s) on a common list. 
excellent health and fitness
an interesting and worthwhile job
material wealth and a high standard of living
being good-looking and having a great figure
being content spiritually
a wide circle of supportive friends and family
achieving promotion and/or respect at work

To illustrate the point you can watch the video And the secret of happiness is...
Thanks to mythatsenglish.blogspot.com

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